Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar energy is a free resource that is available for a substantial number of hours every day in any location, anywhere in the world. It is a clean energy that does not pollute the atmosphere and will not in any way contribute to global warming, as the use of other forms of energy will do.

You can get solar hot water through the use of some simple devices that involve a collector to absorb the sun’s rays and a piping system that absorbs the heat from these collectors. Even water passing through hoses and other water carrying media can absorb the heat from the sun and produce solar hot water.

When you engage a local solar panel installation company such as ATLG Solar Gold Coast, you are then able to produce electricity for the whole home. These panels use photo-voltaic modules to produce the necessary electricity when these modules are exposed to the sun. The modules are made from highly refined silicon or other material that has the capacity to produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. The production of these cells requires a process of manufacture that does require a substantial amount of power, and this can detract from the environmental friendliness of this method of producing electricity. However, once these panels are installed, the production of electricity is free and requires practically no maintenance. In the long run, this will more than the makeup for the costs and also make for a method of producing electricity that is environmentally friendly.

It can always help to install both solar hot water collectors and solar panels. The hot water system can preheat the water and help to reduce the need for electricity. Solar water heating systems can be used to heat swimming pools so that the use of the pool can be made even during the cold winter months. This heating comes at no cost, and once the initial installation costs are absorbed, the further use requires no expenditure.

In both cases, the installation of solar hot water collectors and solar panels, care has to be taken to see that the devices have the maximum exposure to the sun, as this will lead to increased efficiency. As far as possible, the sun should be perpendicular to the collectors and panels. This directional requirement can be met by having panels and collectors that can be swiveled to attain this perpendicularity.

It is also possible to install systems that automatically align themselves to the sun, though these arrangements can add to the cost of the installation. In many solar hot water collectors, a different liquid is used, that is more efficient in absorbing heat from the sun, and this heated liquid is then used to heat water in pipes as requiSolar

, panels can produce electricity only as long as the sun is shining, and this may require the electricity to be stored in batteries or other devices for use in the night time. It is also possible to sell this electricity to utility companies during the d and draw on the grid for nighttime requirements.